Dropbox Cache

Dropbox keeps the cache of your deleted files in a hidden folder under this path:


If you’re wondering why deleteing files from Dropbox folder on your Mac doesn’t clear up space, consider deleting files inside that hidden folder.

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Erik Spiek­er­mann:

Every craft requires atten­tion to detail. Whether you’re build­ing a bicy­cle, an engine, a table, a song, a type­face or a page: the details are not the details, they make the design.

Con­cepts don’t have to be pixel-perfect, and even the fussi­est project starts with a rough sketch. But build­ing some­thing that will be used by other peo­ple, be they dri­vers, rid­ers, read­ers, lis­ten­ers – users every­where, it needs to be built as well as can be. Unless you are obsessed by what you’re doing, you will not be doing it well enough.

Some­times only the experts know the dif­fer­ence, but if you want to be an expert at what you’re mak­ing, you will only be happy with the result when you’ve given it every­thing you have.



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The launch image is the piece of graphic that is briefly displayed on a cold launch of an app. The recommended approach is to display a placeholder image with things like the navigation and tab bar, but without any seemingly tapable icons. This primes the user for what’s coming next.

iOS 7 added…


The Gold Rush is Over. – 2008 to 2010 is dead and gone. If your plan is to make a tidy living building the next beautiful _______ for iOS nerds, then you are destined to repeat my mistakes. Don’t follow in my footsteps. Focus on a difficult problem that matters to a significant number of normal people. Don’t worry about being the prettiest or the most featured. Get your hands dirty and find out what the rest of the world is struggling with.